What Is Office365 Security Day?

Do you know everything about Office 365 Security? If you are planning to implement this in your organization, it’s essential to know about it in detail. Online blogs may not be enough as it doesn’t provide hands-on experience on how to use this application. And so, it’s high time you enroll yourself in Office 365 Security Day. What is it? Well, it’s a day of learning only about Office 365 Security and how it works.

Office 365 Security Day aims to teach newbies about the security components of this platform and also how to execute different tasks securely in your Microsoft 365 environment.

About Office 365 Security Day

The day will start with industry experts and Microsoft MVPs talking about the various aspects of Office 365 Security. They will explain how you can make the most of this platform and keep your documents safe. You will come to know about the different security functions of Office 365 Security and go deep into the technical aspects that make your company more secure.

Accessing Office 365 Security Day

When you hear about enrolling yourself in Office 365 Security Day, the first question that may come to your mind is where you need to go to attend this training program. Well, you can log in from your Facebook or Twitter account or subscribe to the Office 365 Security Day channel on YouTube to access this training. The organizers will stream this free learning program on Facebook, Twitter, Petri.com, and YouTube to make it accessible to all enthusiastic participants. This would make it easier for thousands of people to join together from different places and learn the intricate technical aspects of the platform easily.

Wondering who will speak and explain all the security features of Office 365 Security? Eminent personalities like Steve Goodman, Joanne Klein, Jasper Oosterveld, Todd Klindt, Liam Cleary, and Stephanie Donahue will take over the stage one by one. Each of these personalities is widely popular for their contributions to Office 365 Security. You can consider them as subject matter experts. Their detailed explanations on how to operate Office 365 Security will help you decide whether you want this platform in your organization or not.

Key takeaways from Office 365 Security

Apart from learning about different features and functions of Office 365 Security, the day will also have Q&A sessions where you can clarify your doubts about how the platform works. The respected MVPs will not only answer your queries but also provide free downloads of documents about Office 365 Security that you can use as reference material later.

Office 365 Security is now the hot topic of discussion after its explosive growth in remote work. They have emerged as the best security platform for your Microsoft 365 environment, making sure that the users don’t fall for scams.

You can register yourself for Office 365 Security Day and learn about the different sessions that the organizers have arranged for that day. Make sure you subscribe to their updates to know more about the event and how the MVPs will conduct their sessions.