The Top Benefits Of Using Microsoft Whiteboard

The Top Benefits Of Using Microsoft Whiteboard

If you’re not using Microsoft Whiteboard in your business, regardless if you are the only employee, have a handful of employees or run a large company, then you are missing out. There are several benefits of using Microsoft Whiteboard. If you want to find out what a few of the key ones are, then read on.

1. Create Freely

One of the best things about using Microsoft Whiteboard is it allows you to create freely and in a completely naturally way. For example, you start off with an infinite canvas and an interface that allows you to use your keyboard, pen or even touch to create. Before you know it, you’ll be turning your work into shapes, charts and more.

Do you have a product you want to create? Maybe you have a new business plan and want to lay it out. Whatever it is you want to do, Whiteboard gives you the opportunity to create freely.

2. Collaboration

Another benefit is that Microsoft Whiteboard lets you collaborate with teams. You and your team can access the Whiteboard you create and it doesn’t matter where any of you are located or what devices you use. If you want to collaborate with team members in various countries, then go right ahead because it is incredibly easy to do.

Gone are the days when you have to use pen and paper and Skype to collaborate. Thanks to Whiteboard, you’re able to collaborate with co-workers and employees in a much more efficient and effective way. Trust us when we say you will love this feature.

3. Save & Resume With Ease

Whiteboards can easily be saved and once they are, they will go into the cloud and remain there until you access them again. You can either access your saved whiteboards via the same device or you can access and work on them via a different device. Also, you won’t have to mark your whiteboards as “do not erase,” or snap photos of them.

There’s nothing worse than working on a project, saving it and then realizing it actually wasn’t saved or that it takes forever to load up and get started again. Thankfully, that won’t be an issue for you with Microsoft Whiteboard. You will love how easy and fast it is to save and resume.

4. Perform Searches

A fourth benefit is that Bing is actually built into the app. This means you can use Bing to search for anything you want, all without having to leave the Whiteboard app. When you are creating and you need to add photos or get ideas for content, then perform a search in Bing via the app. Best of all, Bing works extremely fast within the app, so you won’t be wasting time waiting for search results to load up because using Bing within the app is just as fast as doing it on Bing’s actual platform.

Do you want to reap the many benefits of using Microsoft Whiteboard? This includes the above benefits. If so, then purchase Microsoft Whiteboard today. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll realize what you’ve been missing.