How to Update Modern Home Pages for Classic Team Sites on Microsoft SharePoint?

How to Update Modern Home Pages for Classic Team Sites on Microsoft SharePoint?

The visible aspect of a site relies on its modern user interface. You need to use Microsoft SharePoint to enable your site to leverage this user interface for classic team sites. Sometimes you may unknowingly turn off the modern experience on SharePoint. But if you don’t, you will notice several pages on the modern interface, such as:

• Site usage page
• Site contents page
• Recycle bin pages
• List and library pages

On navigating your site further, you will notice that the home page and a few other site pages still use the classic interface. You can update these pages and modernize them for your team site.

Updating modern home pages

A modern home page for your team site allows you to post news directly from your mobile. But the classic team site needs to fulfill a few criteria to modernize the home page within a few seconds:

• Home page name may be in any language but it should end with ”home.aspx.”
• The classic team site should consist of STS#0 only.
• There should not be any text present.
• The classic team site should only contain a few default web parts, such as Newsfeed (SiteFeedWebPart), document library (XsltListViewWebPart), and getting started (GettingStartedWebPart).
• It shouldn’t use any custom master pages.
• It should not have the ModernizeHomepageOptOut feature activated.
• The classic publishing feature on the team site should be turned off.
• The display form template name should be “HomeEditForm.”

Remember, your classic team site should meet all the criteria mentioned above. Even failing to meet one of these criteria means you can’t modernize the home page. On the other hand, if the team site meets all these conditions, the home page will modernize on its own. You will not need to tweak anything manually. The automatic upgrade will take place the next time you visit the site.

Benefits of updating from classic home page to modern home pages

Over the years, SharePoint has introduced tons of new features in modern home pages. If you are using SharePoint to improve work productivity, using the modern home page makes sense because it allows you to collaborate with your team members quicker than before. Automatic upgrade to a modern home page gives you the opportunity to make the most of the powerful tools that SharePoint offers to boost work productivity.

Technical details about updating modern home page

• It applies to STS#0 site collections and other corresponding subsites.
• Your new modern home page will retain the name ”home.aspx” while the classic page will become ”home(old).aspx.”
• The automatic upgrade will only apply to your team site home page and not for any other classic page.
• The update will not automatically create an Office 365 group.
• The modern home page theme may not be identical to the classic theme. You may have to use custom colors and styles to change the appearance of the home page.

Make sure the classic page follows the criteria mentioned above for an automatic upgrade to a modern home page on Microsoft SharePoint. Learn more about other SharePoint features and experience enhancements!