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Thursday, February 20, 2003
Microsoft .NET on Linux, Unix, and the Mac!

Subject:  Rotor, Mono and .NET:
In late 2001, with the approval of Microsoft's Common Language Infrastructure specification by the ECMA, came a whole new possibility for .NET. Not only were the underlying aspects of .NET fully standardized, but one of its key languages, C#, was accepted as a standard too! The promise of .NET became even more enormous! Third parties could take this 523 page CLI specification and 498 page C# specification and implement the inner workings of .NET on their own.

What the community saw nearly immediately was a dedicated interest to have .NET working on other operating systems, namely several Linux distributions. The goal of the Mono Project was to re-implement .NET to its fullest so that Linux developers can finally be able to interact with their Windows counterparts more easily. Further along, Microsoft released a beta version (now final release) of the Rotor Project. This was a "shared source" implementation of .NET for the academic and enthusiast communities that runs on FreeBSD, Windows XP, and even Mac OS X!

This talk examines these alternative implementations of .NET and how they can help engage the .NET vision to other platforms. Examples of differences in the underlying implementations and future potential for these implementations will be provided. Also, some demonstrations of application portability between the commercial .NET implementation and these two implementations will be given.

Speaker:  Robert A. Wlodarczyk

Robert is currently a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at SUNY Stony Brook. He works as the Student Consultant representing Microsoft at the university. This past summer he spent in Redmond interning at Microsoft on the Windows team. He is also the founder of InnoThinx - a company based on developing applications for the convergence of computer and entertainment systems using various Microsoft technologies. Robert enjoys playing squash, swimming, photography, and a wide variety of music.

Date:  Thursday, February 20, 2003

Time:  Reception 6:00 PM , Program 6:15 PM

Location:   Microsoft, 825 8th Avenue (50th Street), Floor 18
Directions: 1, 9, C or E trains to 50th Street
N, R, or W trains to 49th Street

Download Materials: